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Taste 4 Hip-hop

” Our Mission”

With social media becoming the fastest growing media outlet today, it is imperative that artists, models, and producers continue to stay on top of connecting and building their fan base. At Taste4HipHop we specialize in getting your product out there to our thousands of fans daily, while encouraging our clients to continue set themselves apart from the rest. Based out of Atlanta, GA with offices in Miami, FL we pride ourselves on given unsigned talent a platform to showcase their works. If you are an aspiring artist, model, or producer and your serious about your craft, you have just found an agency serious about promotion you!

Taste4hiphop was birthed after a cry for professional, ethical, and effective promotions poured within our hip hop community. Finding time to connect with your fans or build your fan base is not always easy especial if your always in the studio making that next hit record. We have developed a comprehensive models that will bridge the gap between independent artist and their fans and we are looking forward to working with you.

Continue to check out our site and when your ready, click the “contact us” tab and lets begin promoting you!

“Hip Hop feeds the soul! Everything we do, speak, walk, or how we act is our culture and here, we provide an outlet of totally expression”

 Taste4hiphop Established 2012

Ceo, Lady Salt

We truly believe That Hip Hop Feeds the Soul.