Benzino Released From Hospital 1

“I looked over, there was a car, and all I saw was a gun shooting at me, Benzino says.

Benzino was released from the South Shore Hospital in Weymouth, Massachusetts today (March 31), two days after he was allegedly shot by his nephew, Gai Scott.

The attorney for the rapper and reality show star’s nephew says that Scott shot Benzino in self-defense, according to a story in The Boston Globe. Scott appeared in Plymouth District Court today and was ordered held without bail. He pled not-guilty on a charge of armed assault with intent to murder.

“When the dust settles,” Scott’s attorney Jon Ciraulo says, “this case will be shown to be self-defense.”

Benzino says the assailant fired seven or eight shots at him, though he would not identify who he said had shot him. “I looked over, there was a car, and all I saw was a gun shooting at me,” Benzino said during an interview with The Boston Globe.

Benzino was reportedly hit two times.

The attorney for Maureen Scott, who is Benzino’s sister and Gai Scott’s mother, says that Benzino’s statements should be dismissed.

“My client and his family, including Maureen [Scott] vehemently deny any accusations that Benzino is making,’’ Christopher B. Coughlin, Maureen Scott’s attorney, said today. “I would suggest that he [the uncle] has an agenda in utilizing and self-promoting at this time.’’

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