Chris Brown Calls B.S. On Ex-Manager Mike G’s Claims That He Was Beat Down & Ended Up In The Emergency Room. Says The Guy Was Fired For Stealing (Video)

Chris Brown is firing back at his former manager, Mike G, who has filed a lawsuit against him alleging the singer physically assaulted him.

According to TMZ, Mike was hired by Chris in 2012 to rehabilitate his image.

Everything was going fine until last month. That’s when Mike alleges Chris launched an unprovoked attack that sent him to the emergency room.

“We did everything we could to resolve this in a non-public way to avoid damage to Chris Brown,” Mike’s lawyer, Patty Glaser told TMZ. “Regrettably, as outlined in our complaint, Chris Brown has proven to be his own worst enemy.”

Chris responded via two Instagram videos, calling Mike G a thief and the allegations completely bogus.

“Ok, you knew it was coming. You knew it was f****** coming. N***** is getting mad and filing lawsuits because I fired them because they’re stealing money. You’re stealing money, pal” Chris says. “You’re mad because you’re no longer existent  It’s alright … we’re gonna keep pushing. God bless ya. Wish you the best of luck.”