Darline-Carvalho02 Darline-Carvalho06 Darline-Carvalho12 Darline-Carvalho17 Darline-Carvalho16 Darline-Carvalho09 Darline-Carvalho04 – Bella Club celebrates 14 years on air this month, and it brings you a very special present! She gratuated in ballet and theater, studies Fashion and English, goes to the gym every day, and still has time to discover nice restaurants and sunbathe on the beach. At 23, Darline Carvalho impresses not only for the carefully sculpted curves, but also for her determination. ‘I am a determined person, and I carry that with me in all of my life’s aspects.’ In order to follow her example and keep busy for some time – See more at: http://dynastyseries.com/darline-carvalho-purple-reign-brazilian-beauties-bellaclub-com/#sthash.dxqUtKJX.dpuf