Trinidad James got some support from an unlikely source this morning. The Atlanta rapper has been getting criticized for saying Atlanta artists get more love in The Big Apple than it’s own artists.

Hot 97’s Cipha Sounds agreed with James during the latest episode of “The Realness.

“I do agree with what he’s saying. The South does run New York,” Cipha said. “Every club you go to the only records that pop off are South records. Any New York artist that wants to try to make a hit or try to do something gotta make a South record. He’s right, you try to play a couple of New York records and people just start clearing the dance floor.”

Ebro also weighed in.

“Y’all New York rappers, y’all forgot how to have fun. You’re so busy trying be tough. You’re so busy trying to prove something that you forgot how to have fun. And that’s why your records ain’t going around like the other records,” Ebro reasoned. “You’re so busy sitting around playing video games, smoking weed with your boys you don’t even know how to get out here and get fly.”

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