Krayzie Bone has revealed that his recent tour in Canada had to be postponed while battling flu-like symptoms and an intense case of pneumonia.

“Canada thank you for your support sorry I had to cut it short due to sickness but I will be back to make those dates up soon!” Krayzie Bone says via Twitter. “Much love.”

Krayzie Bone, one of 1990’s group Bone thugs-n-harmony’s founding members, tells TMZthat he suffers from an autoimmune disease called sarcoidosis.

This disorder mainly effects the lungs and lymph nodes and is characterized by abnormal collections of inflammatory cells. This is the same conditioned that led to the death of comedian Bernie Mac.

Krayzie Bone’s doctors advised him to take no chances once he fell ill and ordered him to return to Los Angles for treatment.

The medicine he takes to treat his sarcoidosis is said to have caused the weakening of his immune system, which exacerbated the pneumonia.

He plans to make up the tour dates in April.

Krayzie Bone and Bone thugs-n-harmony recently said they do not plan on releasing an album that would cost $1 million as initially reported.

“We kinda backed off of that because our fans is real sensitive,” Krayzie Bone said in the article. “And our fans flipped the hell out. They was like ‘What you mean you gon’ charge us a million dollars for your album?’ I’m like ‘Y’all don’t even understand what we saying right now.’ So, we just—We kinda backed up off of it. It’s still an option on the table, but we looking at other options as well…Still thinking about how to make it work in a much more effective way…We basically telling them ‘Okay, you own it for whatever you paid it for. And you can go and sell the album for whatever you want to sell it for to make your money.”