Meek Mill was a headliner at last night’s Fool’s Day Off Festival in Brooklyn, while he was on stage he saw a fan on crowd throwing up a Drake sign during his set, and quickly grabbed his attention and provoked a pretty strong response from Meek saying: “Put that Drake sign up again, n****, F*** you talkin’ ’bout you fuckin’ clown. Don’t ever come in here and fuckin’ play on no Meek Milly tryna pick on me like I’m a fuckin’ dweeb or somethin’.”

Check out the video below.

When the video surfaced on net Meek Mill was back with another Instagram rant where he said: “Start whooping yall lil dweebs asses yall play with me in real life!lol. #twitterfingersturnintoniggafingers going upside any sucka head that play around da chease in da building! yall soft internet n***** dont like dat action lol”.