Meek Mill Suing The City Of Philadelphia For Bogus Weed Arrest 1

Philadelphia law enforcement and city officials have been giving Meek Mill trouble for years. The “Amen” rapper has decided to strike back by filing a lawsuit against the City of Brotherly Love.

During a traffic stop on Halloween 2012, police said they smelled weed in Meek’s car. Cops handcuffed and detained him while they searched the vehicle. Nothing was found during the search, but it caused Meek to miss a $22,000 private jet flight to Atlanta for a function and to lose a $39,000 appearance fee.

Meek, real name Robert Williams, also claims the negative publicity surrounding the arrest hurt him during negotiations with Puma. Instead of the $2 million deal he was seeking the Dream Chasers Records CEO had to settle for $650,000.

According to TMZ, the 26-year old rapper is suing the city of Philadelphia for the money he lost, false imprisonment and invasion of privacy.

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