Murder Mook Wants Floyd Mayweather Jr. To Sponsor A $15 Million Drake Battle 1

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Back in September we reported that Drake challenged Murder Mook to a battle, according to Mook.

“He pulled me like, ‘Yo, if I battled a n*gga, I’d probably have one of the best battles.’ I’m like, ‘Word?’ I tried to laugh it off and sh*t. He kept insisting he would do that, Mook told “No Edits” “Then he said he wanted to battle another rapper dude, because he didn’t like him — I’m not gonna say his name. Then he was like, ‘I didn’t really want to give a n*gga that look. But you, I f*ck with you.’”

Drake has never acknowledged the challenge publicly, but Mook says they have to battle because it was issued. He and Dame Dash are trying to make it impossible for the Toronto rapper to turn it down by getting Floyd Mayweather Jr. to sponsor a $15 million winner-take-all match.

“I’m talking $10 million… $15 million dollars. We could make a lot of money off that,” Mook told AllHipHop in a new interview. “That’s what the money should be. Let’s holla at Floyd [Mayweather Jr.] Floyd loves this type of s***.”

“Floyd knows the pay-per-view game. And he knows all the outlets to do it,” Dame chimed in. “He could get involved in some way and we can do this thing together. Floyd, help us. Don’t let nobody else rob us. We wanna go through another black man and figure out how to do this, You wanna be a fight promoter. So, let’s fight promote…. let’s do battle rap. And the first one is for $15 million. [Mook] vs. Drake. Winner takes $15 million.”

The battle would definitely generate a lot of interest and Floyd has the money, but $15 million is steep. You have to find big name sponsors. I’m talking brands like Pepsi andBudweiser. Then there would be the cost of the pay-per-view. Hip Hop fans are not boxing fans. Most won’t shell out $50 no matter who is battling. The event would have to be reasonably priced and held in a big enough venue to generate enough money at the gate.

Also the undercard would have to be the best ever in the history of battle rap.

What’s your take on all of this? How much would you be willing to pay to see Drake go against Murder Mook?