With the continuation of VladTV’s no-holds-barred interview with 40 Glocc, the Left-Coast rapper openly shares his opinion on a range of topics including Lil Wayne and Birdman’s current dispute over financial compensation, his thoughts on loyalty, and Birdman allegedly hooking up with a man while locked up.

First off, the “Welcome to California” rapper gave his opinion on the current fractured relationship between Lil Wayne and Birdman. He says, “I always seen that coming. When you have a bunch of fake sh*t you’re always gonna watch fake sh*t crumble; it’s evident — it’s written.”

Next, 40 Glocc goes on to discuss his loyalty towards the people he’s cool with. Although he’s known for a string of contentious conflicts with his peers, Big Bad 40 claims, “I always believe in being a solid, loyal, n**ga; that’s what I come from.” To bolster his assertion, 40 Glocc reveals that he held down both Prodigy and Tray Deee when they were incarcerated by writing letters to Prodigy and keeping Tray Deee connected to the outside world.

Eventually, the conversation circles back around to Cash Money, with 40 conveying that he’s not surprised by the shenanigans currently embroiling the label. “I think it’s a lot more sh*t that’s going to come out,” he says, before adding, “I think a lot homosexual sh*t, you know what I’m saying; but, that’s just me.”

After relating different situations that involved his friend, incarcerated rapper Mac Minister, who formed a close working relationship with Baby, 40 then discloses several instances that made him question Baby’s sexuality. From hearing about Birdman allegedly admitting to Mac Minister that he had sex with men in jail, to him allegedly kissing men with tongue, 40 questions Birdman’s sexuality.

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