Stitches now knows better than anyone that if you go looking for trouble, you will eventually find it.

Honestly, I’ve been trying to ignore this troll, but his L’s are piling up so fast I have to give him some attention since he’s now earned a spot in the “L Hall of Fame.”

For about a year now he has been taunting The Game via social media, in an attempt to jump start his rap career.

Several days ago, the guy films himself being a stalker outside of a Miami club The Game was in, claiming he wanted to shoot the fade. When he walked up to the front of the club he got knocked out cold by Game’s manager, Wack 100.

To make matters worse, Miami police arrested Stitches and charged him with resisting an officer without violence, marijuana possession, and a couple of outstanding warrants.

The very next day Stiches got jumped by 2 guys from his own crew.

The footage of Stitches getting jumped by his homies hit the internet today. Check it out below.

Is this guy trying to get killed?