Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is at it again! Toronto’s infamous crack smoking Mayor spent a night with producers/dj’s during at a South by Southwest fundraiser for Toronto artists — and made a beat… eh well… tried to anyways. Regardless of the quality, I chuckled. The National Post reports:

After a lesson from local music producer Memorecks, Mr. Ford took to the stage. Videos quickly circulated around social media showing the mayor’s attempts to master the DJ’s art.

The DJ, also known as James Peck, said the mayor showed a particular talent for music-making, although he considered the experience “surreal.”

“He was excited to get going, pushing buttons and getting sounds coming out, essentially,” he told the Post. “It looked like he was having a lot of fun. The whole room was very upbeat, it was a very positive experience generally.”

Mr. Peck said Mr. Ford was particularly adept with his hands.

“He had some really quick fingers on the beat pads there. Usually when people start off they go really slow, but Rob was just going at it and he had really fast hands. His technical skills impressed me.”

Mr. Peck said that with practice, Mr. Ford could best him at dropping beats in the future.

“He could kill me in terms of sheer speed and skill if he kept it up,” the DJ said.

Mr. Ford also seemed to respond positively to the fundraiser.

“I went down to Austin and saw how successful it was, how many jobs it creates, how it stimulates the economy,” Mr. Ford told CP24 at the event. “We have so many amazing musicians in this city that aren’t being recognized and we’re going to make sure they’re recognized around the world and we’re going to bring a music festival up to here.”

Source: National Post
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