The Alchemist On Eminem & Battle Rap: “I Couldn’t Think Of Anyone On Earth That I Would Put In Front On Eminem That Could Out Rap Him” (Video)

In an exclusive interview with VladTV, producer extraordinaire Alchemist speaks on Battle Rap, why Eminem is above it when it comes to a competitor, and the genre’s huge breakout into the mainstream.

The producer says he’s glad that Battle Rap has a bigger platform, because it shines light on lyrical artists and also encourages them to step up their skill-set. As for dream battles, Alchemist is down to see Queens rapper Mr. Cheeks battle Smack Battle favorite Un Kasa. He explained how Eminem is above the genre, and he’s highly doubtful that anyone can see him in a rap battle.
The producer says the future of Battle Rap is questionable since it quickly switches up. He believes that with so many lyrical styles, many would be left behind in the future. He also says he salutes many of the genre’s artists because of the time, effort, and skill they exude.