Troy Ave and his legal team have filed a lawsuit against Live Nation and Irving Plaza, citing lapses in security that allowed someone to bring a gun inside the New York City concert venue on May 25, resulting in the shooting death of Ronald “BSB Banga” McPhatter.

Ronald McPhatter

Three other individuals, including Troy, were also shot that night while backstage during a T.I. concert.

Troy is the only person that has been charged in connection with the incident after he was seen on surveillance footage firing a weapon.

His attorney’s John Stella and Scott Leemon have argued that their client “did not bring a gun into this venue.” They say he was attacked by an individual who fatally wounded McPhatter and shot Troy in the leg, before the rapper was able to wrestle the gun away.

The New York Daily News reports that the lawsuit was filed Monday, August 8, in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

“He is the victim here. He did not bring a gun into this place. And we are seeking redress for the negligence,” said Leemon.

The civil suit states that “As a result of this incident, the plaintiff, a 30-year-old promising performer with his entire career ahead of him, has been left with disabling injuries which will forever affect his life, his career and his pursuits,”

The suit further states that unlike patrons who entered the venue through the front door and were “wanded and patted down,” VIP guests were allowed to enter without being searched.

Given the history of “shooting incidents involving Tupac Shakur, Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs, Notorious B.I.G., and Jam Master Jay.” Irving Plaza should have been better prepared in case there was violence, the lawsuit says.

The amount in damages Troy is seeking was not revealed. He is currently free after posting $500,000 bail on July 11.

He’s charged with attempted murder, weapons possession and other charges stemming from the incident.

“I’m going through a lot. I just want to get my life back,” Troy told reporters.